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I’m back!

February 28, 2015

Sabera Dunkin Donuts

Yes! I am! After many many months (ok, almost a year) of not being here, I’m back. I must apologize to you for being absent and so incredibly negligent of this site. Many of you have posted on the Facebook page, emailed me, and left comments asking when I’ll be back. Thank you for that! The truth is, SO MUCH has happened the last year. SO MUCH you guys! As I start blogging here again, I plan to share much more of what’s going on with me, in addition to lots of fun conversation around food, recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. A small list of what’s going on – Running, even more running, travel, dancing and yes lots of it, ACTING – yes, acting (!!), job hunting, and job transformation (yes yes!), and last but not the least … self acceptance. Yes, more to come on that.

For starters, I hope my pic above in front of  Dunkin Donuts made you giggle. ‘Coz that’s my first goal by writing here again. Making you giggle and laugh. And I want to share that with you because I have discovered being goofy and laughing at myself all over again this past year. It is so incredibly empowering! Btw this pic was taken at a recent solo trip to Florida, where I gobbled my favorite croissant breakfast sandwich and coffee every single morning at Dunkins. I certainly couldn’t contain my joy when I arrived at the DD next to my Airbnb cottage.

Sabera Florida

Soaking it up in Florida

The past year I have changed my relationship with food, which is one of the biggest reasons why I haven’t been around. I’ve lost over 20 lbs since April 2014 until December 2014. This year, I have been focusing on maintaining my weight, and adding more strength. This is my second goal by writing again – sharing how I eat, and the food habits I changed. So stay tuned for more recipes on that front!

South indian food

Yummy food at Navratri last year.

Going back to where this blog has been the last 4 years, I see how much my life has changed. I have moved countries, been married, divorced, a student, a struggling job-seeker, and now, in my dream job, single, and exploring this new way of being me. Through it all, I’ve been through a tremendous amount of personal and lifestyle changes.With that, my food habits have also evolved, and many of the elaborate methods of cooking I followed before are not relevant. So my third and final goal is going to be to keep it real. As I talk about food and life, I hope to share my knowledge through truly easy recipes that you can make your own.

I am excited to start this journey again with you! If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on what you’d like me to write about, I’m all ears! Cheers!


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