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A recipe to remind you of summer – Black Bean Cabbage salad

October 9, 2011

The weather here in Minneapolis, MN has been weird. A week ago, it was cold, chilly & windy… typical Fall weather. This past week, it’s like things have receded back to Summer-like temperatures! Bright blue skies, breezy and cool (70-80 degrees Fahrenheit), with some pretty Fall colors to go with it. While I was moping about the cooler weather and cooking up warming dishes a few weeks ago, the last few days have made me more thankful of the warmer temperatures, prompting me to cook up summer-y dishes all over again.

Sue Doeden’s blog All About Food is one I follow pretty diligently for easy, inventive and delicious recipes that use tons seasonal veggies. Sue was one of the first Mid-western bloggers I connected with when I started out OneLifeToEat. I later found out that she is a food columnist for The Bemidji Pioneer and was thrilled to be connected to a professional food writer.

So when I came across her Black Bean Cabbage salad with Avocado Cream dressing post, I was drooling before I could finish reading it. I couldn’t wait to make it at home! The recipe is really simple and includes some of my favorite ingredients like Garlic, Avocado, Sour Cream and Cilantro. I’m not such a big fan of cabbage but something told me the dressing and Red bell peppers would make it a pretty yummy salad. The beans add an interesting texture, an ingredient I would’ve never thought would go with Cabbage. Paired with some warm toasty bread, the salad made a meal on its own.

I urge you to go check out the recipe on Sue’s blog and browse around for some pretty neat cooking ideas too.

What’s the weather like where you live? What are some new recipes you’ve been trying?

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